hey one direction fandom or rps fandom in general

no one “needs” to come out!!!!

"coming out" is a personal decision that can carry severe personal and professional repercussions!  these are not fictional characters, they are actual people who are making the best decision for themselves!  i don’t care if you think the relationship between a couple of real people is cute, and it is actually harmless when kept at that level.  but don’t be an asshole and get angry because someone who may or may not be queer has not ~come out~ because YOU decided they need to!

like really who the fuck are you guys, are you perez hilton

stop acting like perez hilton

Title: The Wizard Artist: Uriah Heep 753 plays


He was the wizard of a thousand kings
and a chance to meet him one night wondering.
He told me tales and he drank my wine.
Me and my magic man kinda feeling fine.
He had a cloak of gold and eyes of fire.
And as he spoke I felt a deep desire
to free the world of its fear and pain
and help the people to feel free again.
Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts?

Cause then I know we'll find we're not so far apart.
Everybody's got to be happy, everyone should see.
For we know the joy of life and peace that love can bring.
So spoke the wizard in his mountain home.
The vision of his wisdom means we'll never be alone.
And I will dream of my magic night
and the million silver stars that guide me with their light.



as in, META ABOUT META. yes i know that’s not really how inception works—believe me, i really know that—but i don’t care. it’s catchy! and there’s also the fact that that’s what inception has come to mean, in current cultural vernacular: people took the concept the movie is structured around (to wit, dreams within dreams) and made its title into a word meaning “a thing within itself/a thing about itself/etc.” which, as set-ups for posts about media go, is pretty solid, so, without further ado….

dear everybody who has ever felt it necessary to inform me that i am reading too much into [whatever piece of media] in writing meta about it: 

first of all, congratulations, you are spot-fucking-on. i am definitely, for sure, no doubt about it, 100% reading far too much into it, every single goddamn time. this is not sarcasm, i very much mean this—in fact, all of my fanon meta is grounded firmly in reading too much into the canon in question. maybe it’s because i threw caution to the winds and went to school to study english literature and creative writing instead of leaning a more marketable trade; it does get hard to break that habit. however, mostly i’m pretty certain i read too much into shit because: 

  • it’s fun 
  • i find it rewarding
  • it’s fun 

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“I can’t see Jade Curtiss with anyone that’s in the party based on what I’ve seen, and it hurts to see Kratos shipped with anyone at all knowing his past. Especially with his own son! What. The. Heck. Is. Wrong. With. US?! And are we going to let our supposed love that we believe these characters have going on destroy our legitimate talks about the Tales series? Really? Let me give you an example: I want to talk about Guy’s history and love of fontech, and some person would rather talk about his sex history with Luke/Jade/Peony/Natalia/Van? I love Guy a lot, but I don’t really give a woot about his orientation or who he’s bedding, because I don’t find that central to his character. Only when the characters MAKE it a part of their stories or their motivations does the romance actually matter, and that’s what I want to get across to all of the other fans out there.

The fandom can get crazy with the pairings sometimes, and while I love a crack pairing as much as the next fangirl, there’s a part of me that wants to see some of the actual characters’ feelings and interactions still in tact. I wonder how many fans take the state of the world around them or the characters’ roles in politics into considerations when forming these pairings? I mean, does no one care for the not-so random possibility of Natalia/Peony? Political marriages happen, too. It can’t ALL be because “so and so look so adorable together so they should go at it”. That’s fun in a crack RP. Sure. I can live with that. I just wish that in serious discussions between fans, we can actually discuss the characters, their backstories, and the settings of the Tales universe… instead of all the random fanpairings getting in the way of it.

…I just really had to get that off my chest. <3”

man i try really hard not to reblog stuff like this but i am in the mood so

you’re entitled to your own opinions, op, which include liking and disliking things—i’m not going to talk about basic stuff we disagree on because that would be really silly. but what i am going to say is that people engaging with material in a way you don’t is not a bad thing.  people talking about what they’re interested in isn’t “taking away from the game”, dude.   it’s people talking about something you aren’t into, which is going to happen. a lot. in your life.  there are a lot of pairings i don’t like too, and a fair amount of them are pretty popular.  but when people talk excitedly about them, they’re having fun.  and it’s pretty stupid to put them down for that!

not all discussions re: shipping are shallow and/or sexually oriented, either.  it’s pretty goofy of you to imply that—there are people who think a LOT about what they like and why they like it.  a relationship between two characters does not necessarily equal losing the actual character’s feelings/situation/motivation!  i mean like if you are looking on sexytalesconfessions or something then you’re going to find a lot of stuff about characters’ sex lives because that’s the purpose of the blog. 

if you can’t find the discussion you’re looking for then don’t just wait for it to happen, start it! tag it! people will probably chime in.  this is a much better approach than putting people down and acting like we who occasionally enjoy pairings (and relationships CAN factor into a character’s development) are shallow buttnuggets who don’t care about the characters/games.

also uh if a pairing on the internet actually…hurts you…i think you really need to step the fuck back tbqh because it’s not real