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i think dstfs is highlighting times where the series is being used as a vehicle for greater problems with the original poster/commentator

stuff like “Tales of Symphonia 2 is a bad game. And it’s not even an opinion, it’s fact.” isn’t even a blip on that scale, though

like idk i’m not disagreeing that things on that blog are ridiculous but it’s more or less par for the course fandom stuff

huge ass fandoms like homestuck and so forth tend to have blogs like this but that’s because the sheer magnitude of the fandom also leads to a lot of ridiculous shit that’s outside of the norm

but comments like those are made in pretty much every single fandom out there, and considering how people actually got yelled at for pointing out an issue with something like “zelos is too manly to be gay” and there was a martyr party over the whole thing i’m just like what is happening here