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This is the end of my favorite Guy/Jade art ever, and the whole thing is also archived at Yellow Yellow Happy.


It’s funny, because I’m sort of the opposite. I like Guy/Jade because Guy has so much inner darkness that he has to hide or tuck away around everyone else. I notice that it’s almost always in interaction with Jade when Guy’s really snarky side comes out, and there’s a few moments in the game where we really see Guy being bitter and angry. The peace treaty signing and the curse slot are the most obvious, but I think my favorite is on the Jewel of Gardios sidequest. He points out that the sword hanging on the wall at the Fabre manor used to belong to his family, and Luke says it must have been hard seeing that every day. Guy says - totally casual here - that no, actually it kept him going - he was planning to use that in his revenge. …In other words, what kept him going for years was the idea of taking a sword off the wall and killing everybody with it. Reformed or not, those kind of thinking patterns don’t just vanish.

This got long-winded, but that’s basically why I like the idea that Jade provides a space where Guy can just say what he thinks without worrying about hurting people’s feelings. Even provides an example of how to do it, and object lessons in how people will walk right over you if you don’t, sometimes. (“Guy, explain.”) It’s really a fascinating dynamic.

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They have such a fascinating and good dynamic that works positively for both of them.  Even though he’s stepped off the revenge train, Guy still carries that bitterness and grief; he’s just decided not to do anything about it and not let it tie him down.  The peace conference scene makes it clear just how intense those feelings are—there isn’t really a good time to pull your sword on the King of Kimlasca, but right before signing a peace treaty has to be one of the worst.   It’s Guy’s first real chance for answers, and he loses his cool because he can’t control himself.

It’s all extremely deep seated and he has a tendency to deprioritize himself/his feelings in a way that if addressed directly, he’ll downplay how much something bothers him most of the time, tell people not to worry about him, etc.  But Jade has mastered the art of looking out for him without tipping him off.   Like in the second scene in the Jewel of Gardios sidequest, when he asks if Guy is really satisfied with his father’s sword hanging up in Fabre manor.  Up until that point he’s casually talked about revenge and dismissed his own pain, but when Jade asks him that he says that there’s nothing he can do since the sword belongs to Duke Fabre now. There are also things like Jade just casually staying with Guy after he remembers his family’s murder and runs off to the cathedral, probably to just let him talk before anyone else comes in and brings their own feelings into the mix or talks about how painful of an experience it must have been; Guy apologizes for the first and dismisses the second. Jade is also the type of person who notices the little things and wouldn’t always need Guy to speak up about what he wants or wants to do—he’d just know

It really goes both ways too, because Guy is almost constantly running commentary on Jade’s behavior and is the first to point out when he’s actually doing something nice (which usually embarrasses him) because he’s not going to let Jade go too far off the self-deprecating evil genius end.  He tells everyone to wait for Jade’s explanation after the Nebilim battle, effectively pacifying them and giving Jade the time he needs.  Guy has the self-confidence to roll with the punches and shrug off Jade calling him things like the Fon Machine King Guy Kaiser, but also has clear set boundaries that he won’t let Jade cross, and when Jade gets too close Guy makes sure he backs down.   They are both really weird people in a lot of ways and their eccentricities even suit each other because Jade is someone who needs a fair amount of space, where Guy is independent and  knows how to occupy himself. 

I also think part of the reason Jade starts deferring all the explanations to Guy is because he knows and admits his hatred for tedious explanations has put the party at a disadvantage more than once, and he both trusts and respects Guy enough to know he’ll get the job done.

They are both just really good for each other, and I just got really overexcited when I saw someone else talking about them because their dynamic gets overlooked a lot!! Which I think makes sense in a way because they are both really subtle people who don’t put their own feelings/agenda first in transparent ways.  It’s also little things like Jade talking about how handy it would be to have Guy in his home, and Anise teasing Guy about how cute Jade is.  (I swear she Knows. She would.)

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